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Title insurance agency serving residential and commercial markets

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Close Executive Style

Our team is big enough to handle multi million-dollar transactions and
personal enough to keep transactions flowing and communication easy.


We'll tackle the many complex details involved in any commercial transaction including multiple properties, building/project loans, and leasehold estates, so you get your all clear as soon as possible.


The details of closing get intricate and complex. We’ll take care of everything correctly and efficiently. All you need to do is show up to the closing.


Whether you’re a mortgage broker, loan officer, or homeowner that’s refinancing, we’ll get this done in a well-organized and competent way, without compromising on quality.

Experience the
Executive difference.

  • Exemplary

    A personal concierge where no email goes unanswered.

  • Experienced

    The backing of over a decade of experience and thousands of titles to show for it.

  • Express

    Titles in record speed to accommodate your deadlines.

  • Expertise

    Title professionals that know the nuances of myriads of title details . If there’s a way to get it done, we’ll do it.

  • Exact

    Your title requirements taken care of with exact precision.

Executive Transactions

You’ll get a policy where everything gets addressed and insured for maximum protection.

When working with Executive you’ll get

Honesty guided by a strong moral compass and solid ethics.
Knowledge, expertise and loyalty to ensure positive outcomes.
Establishing solid foundations among New York’s top real estate developers.


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